Purpose of the Tool Box

Many of our churches in the Rocky Mountain Conference do not have the tools they need to grow healthy ministries that pour into the next generation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Research is showing our teens and young adults leaving at record rates from Christian churches across the nation. The RMC Youth Department believes in empowering and resourcing our churches, pastors, and leaders to emphasize the importance and care we have for the kids, teens, and young adults in our conference. We plan to equip every church in the RMC with the tools they need to have intergenerational, healthy, and thriving churches.

If you are a youth leader or pastor of a church in the Rocky Mountain Conference and would like to fill your “Tool Box” with helpful resources, we would love to connect with you and pour into your youth ministry!


Request a Tool Box

Once you connect with us, we will begin the process to get you your tool kit!

Step One: Schedule a time over the phone or in person to go through an in depth survey to asses the temperature of youth ministry in your church.

Step Two: Listen to the vision of the pastor and/or leadership of your church regarding ministry of ages 0-35.

Step Three: Provide a written plan and timeline for your church that is both realistic and challenging.

Step Four: Provide “tools” including (but not limited to): leadership books, research, sabbath school curriculum, small group materials, devotional books, baptismal study guides, templates for volunteer meetings, volunteer packets, structures for sabbath school classes, Pinterest idea boards, event planning tools, parent resources.

Step Five: Follow up with your church on a quarterly basis to fine tune your plan and adjust tools needed.

Step Six: Celebrate your achievements! Whether that be increased volunteers, a teen who was baptized, the start of a youth group, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the intentionally and work you have put into prioritizing the next generation!

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