The RMC Youth Department believes in resourcing and equipping…

1) The kids, teens, and young adults in our conference

2) The pastors, leaders, and mentors in our conference

3) The parents, grandparents, and families in our conference

Our team is passionate about putting the right tools in your hands. Whether you are looking for a personal devotional book, baptismal studies, or a guide of how to empower and lead your ministry teams, we want to help! Our resources are compiled of books, devotionals, curriculums, and frameworks that we have personally vetted and materials that we have created in house.

Please explore our Resources tab to see more about the resources that we have created. Every resource created by the RMC Youth Department is completely free! We encourage you to download, print, and use whatever you find to be useful. We also have lists of materials from other sources we have used and enjoyed that can be purchased at your local bookstores or online. Let us know what works, what could use updating, and any new resources you would like us to begin finding or creating.

All our our resources have one main purpose, to strengthen every kid, teen, and young adult’s relationship with Jesus.

We are thankful for the commitment that our pastors, leaders, and families have to show every child a caring God because they themselves care about every child.